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Dedicated to Serving all Citizens of Morrow

The Morrow Emergency Communications Center is dedicated to serving all citizens of Morrow and all visitors in fire/rescue and police related emergency calls.

Our center is committed to providing the quickest and most efficient emergency response possible. Operating 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, the MECC has an exceptional track record of 81.7 percent of calls being answered within five seconds, with many of those calls answered within just two seconds, compared to the national average of about ten seconds. These few seconds are extremely crucial, as many emergency calls deal with life threatening situations.

Our communications department uses the latest and most innovative industry technologies, including a system that allows dispatchers to track City of Morrow police cars to ensure that the closest vehicle is dispatched to an emergency location. Wireless callers can also be tracked using technology that identifies their latitude and longitude. Our center also contracts with Language Line Services to ensure that all foreign language citizens and visitors are properly accommodated.

In addition to handling 911 calls, the department also works closely with the National Weather Service in Peachtree City to promptly warn citizens about ominous or threatening weather. If a dangerous weather system is approaching, the center will activate the Early Warning Siren located in Daniel Park, adjacent to City Hall.

In Case of an Emergency, Can We Find You?

Emergency Communications requests your assistance to help our Fire, EMS, and Police units in locating you. You can do this by having your street number visible from the street, and large enough to be seen at night (consider reflective numbers). Also, consider marking both sides of the mailbox (the mail delivery always comes from one direction, the emergency units could arrive from any direction) and consider marking the curb.

Remember, not all wireless 9-1-1 calls provide location information. To get help quickly, please be able to answer these questions:

Where is the emergency? Use a highway name, direction of travel, mile marker, landmark, intersection, exact address, etc.

What number are you calling from? Always give your area code and wireless phone number.

Exactly what happened? Clearly describe what has taken place. If reporting a crime, vehicle and suspect descriptions are important.

If using a phone without a service contract and your call gets disconnected, you must redial 9-1-1 to reestablish contact with the 911 Center.

Wake Up Call

Do you live alone? Do you have a medical condition? Does your family live out of town? Would you like to have someone call and check on you? The City of Morrow 911 Center would like to make daily calls to our community members who are alone. A Communications Officer will call each morning between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. to see how you are doing. There are no conditions that you have to meet. If you would like to participate in this program you can sign up today by visiting Morrow City Hall or you can call the Communications Department at 770.961.4000 between the hours of 7 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Public Education

The Morrow Emergency Communications Center has been active in educating the public on how and when to call 911 and what to say when you call. If you are a Boy/Girl Scout leader or belong to an organization and are interested in having a tour of the 911 Communications Center, contact the Communications Department at 770-961-4000.

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Contact Information
Emergency Communications
1500 Morrow Road
Morrow, GA 30260
Phone: 770-961-4000
Fax: 678-422-0475

Director: Captain J. Callaway

Supervisor: D. Hunter