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Government - City Hall - Mission Statement

Mission Statement

To create and maintain an environment that provides ethical leadership, exceptional services, and the highest quality of life for the citizens, employees, and customers of the City of Morrow.

Vision Statement

We will require innovative governance that is transparent, accountable, and efficient with a system of funding that is fair, affordable, and stable. Our bold approach will encourage a thriving economy, friendly and safe neighborhoods, a vibrant business community, and extensive recreational/cultural opportunities. We will preserve and promote Morrow’s southern hospitality and hometown atmosphere while embracing the diversity of its people.

Value Statement

We value financial stability, which enables us to provide a high quality of life for our citizens and exemplifies that we are good stewards. We value a beautiful, clean and safe community. We value a strong working relationship with our stakeholders and community partners and we value our employees as our most important resource. We value uncompromising integrity, honesty and open communication with the public whom we serve.