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Family Tradition

Congratulations to our Fire Chief, Roger Swint and his daughter Olivia on completing their ninth Peachtree Road Race!!

Battalion Chief Elton Poss Retires

Congratulations to Battalion Chief Elton Poss on his retirement. Chief Poss joined the department originally in 1978-79, and then again from 1988 until 2018. Chief Poss' experience and knowledge was instrumental during the purchase of new med units and fire engines. Chief Poss was a true leader and mentor for all members of the Department. His knowledge and experience will be missed by all the citizens and employees of the City of Morrow.

Division Chief/Fire Marshal Carl Demarco Retires

Congratulations to Division Chief/Fire Marshal Carl Demarco, pictured here with his wife Leslie. Carl began his career with Morrow Fire Department in 1981 as a volunteer before transitioning to full time a few months later. Carl has served the city for over 37 years, moving up through the ranks of Sergeant, Lieutenant and Captain and in 2016 was appointed Division Chief/Fire Marshal for the City of Morrow Fire Department. Chief Demarco has always said that it's not about catching someone that is violating the fire codes, but more of educating the public in order to keep people safe. Chief Demarco's knowledge of both the fire service as well as fire codes have made the City of Morrow a safer place for its employees, citizens, business patrons and business owners. Chief Demarco will surely be missed by all.

New Division Chief/Fire Marshal. Donald Harry takes his oath

The City of Morrow has a new Division Chief/Fire Marshal. Donald Harry, seen here being sworn in, with his wife Nancy holding the Bible, will fill the position after the retirement of Carl Demarco. Chief Harry was originally hired in 1980, and then after five years went to work for Fulton County Fire Department and in 1988 was rehired by Morrow Fire Department and worked for both departments until his retirement from Fulton County in 2016. Chief Harry held the position of Battalion Chief prior to his appointment to Division Chief/Fire Marshal. Chief Harry says he knows he has some big shoes to fill, talking about Chief Demarco, but he is looking forward to the challenge.

ISO Class 1 rating. ISO Achieved

The City of Morrow Fire Department is proud to announce the achievement of an ISO Class 1 rating. ISO, Insurance Services Office, measures a department’s readiness and response capabilities and is used by insurance companies to determine the price of property insurance; the rating scale goes from 10 to 1, with a 1 being the best possible score. There are currently about 45,000 fire departments in the U.S. and only 305 have a Class 1 rating. The City of Morrow Fire Department is 1 of only 21 Class 1 departments out of about 600 fire departments in the State of Georgia.

Fire Fighter of the Year

Lt. James Fleming was recently awarded Fire Fighter of the Year for the American Legion, State of Georgia. Lt. Fleming's passion for the job, his true caring for others and his extensive knowledge in both Fire and EMS are a true asset not only to the City of Morrow, but to the fire service as a whole. We can't think of a better recipient for this award, congratulations Jim! Pictured L-R, Division Chief/Fire Marshal Carl Demarco, Lieutenant James Fleming, Fire Chief Roger Swint, Lieutenant Bob Wright (Also American Legion Post Commander).

Rules for Open Burning

Please view the attached for important information regarding outdoor/open burning.

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Contact Information
Morrow Fire Department
Chief Roger Swint
1500 Morrow Road
Morrow, GA 30260

Phone: 770-961-4008
Fax: 770-960-1631

Deputy Chief of Operations
Chief Jeff Moss
1500 Morrow Road
Morrow, GA 30260

Phone: 770-851-0841

Fire Marshal's Office
Division Chief Donny Harry
1500 Morrow Road
Morrow, GA 30260

Office: 770-961-4008
Cell: 678-708-1397
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